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Cortes Campers



Why Buy from Us

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100% Molded Fiberglass

Travel Trailers

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Strong, Lightweight & Durable

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Timbren independent axle-less suspension!

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Get to Know Us

The Future of travel trailers is here!

Like you, we have a love for outdoor adventure.


Cortes Campers builds true four-season travel trailers capable of handling practically anything you can throw at them, so go ahead and take yours anywhere. Your next outdoor adventure awaits!

Cortes Campers are approximately 50% lighter, much stronger, and smarter than anything you've ever experienced.


We've revolutionized the way campers are built.


For years, our team has been innovating new breakthroughs in performance boating, RV electronics and high-end automotive fiberglass components.

Using cutting-edge materials and next-generation manufacturing processes, we've made all other campers obsolete.


Stronger, lighter, smarter. We've redefined recreational travel trailers.


With a Cortes Camper, you have the freedom to leave your worries behind. So you can relax and enjoy your next adventure like never before.

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Cortes Campers are true 4-season campers!

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